Become a Provider

Thank you for considering Bethel Child Care Services.  We are proud to say that we are not your ordinary family child care system. We offer professional networking in child care that is second to none. The services that we provide to you and your families are listed below, if you wish to apply to become an associated child care provider please contact us at this link:


We offer monthly child care trainings, of which we have included in this informational packet. All trainings are free to any provider who belongs to our system, including CDA certificate training.  We provide a full child care curriculum which is offered in a weekly format, which we have found is very convenient for family child care providers who like to customize their curriculum. Our full curriculum is also free to all of our family child care providers. Bethel reimburses the child care providers affiliated with us for educational classes related to the child care field.  We have a full lending library that is free, including our own curriculum kits with great ideas to engage your children in care as well as providing early educational activities. We are now authorized through the Department of Early Education and Care to train family child care providers with High Scope Assessments through the Universal Preschool Child Care Grants.  Also, we are introducing a new on-line pilot program of newly developed child care products in January which will be advantageous to all Bethel Child Care providers and it will be FREE.

We also advertise child care to perspective parents in your area and we refer all the perspective clients to you. We simply refer children and families, we do not force placements, as we support the provider/ child relationship, promote family choice and provide the services to help that bond grow through nurturing and early education. We believe that you should set the child care reimbursement rate for all private children enrolled in your system, so all private referrals would reimburse you at your rates. In most cases, we reimburse at a higher rate for subsidized child care than your local child care resource and referral agency. We also assist with all paperwork related to your child care and provide helpful documentation to make paperwork less painful and we offer transportation.

Services provided by Bethel Child Care Services to enhance your child care program:

Referrals: Bethel Child Care Services will place print and occasionally advertise on the radio to perspective parents in your area. We will provide you with those referrals and we will also contact your local child care resource and referral agency and notify them of any opening in your child care program.

  • Private referrals
  • Subsidized referrals: including child care vouchers, Community Partnerships for Children placements, Department of Early Education and Care authorized placements, and child care grant placements.

Curriculum: Bethel provides a full year literacy based curriculum presented in a weekly format. The curriculum is theme based and focuses on the developmental goals of the children in your care. The curriculum encourages learning through play and offers experiences in math, science, music, children’s literature and art. The Bethel child care curriculum is free to all Bethel providers.

Professional Training: Bethel offers monthly trainings that can help enhance your child care program. Our Trainings are approved by the Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC) and these training hours will satisfy your DEEC licensing training requirements. For Example, in 2008 our training topics were:

  • Assessment, Observation & Evaluation (September);
  • Exploring Initiative (October);
  • Understanding Social Relations (November);
  • Creative Representation (December);
  • Music and Movement (January);
  • Language and Literacy (February);
  • Math/ Classification,
  • Seriation and Number (March);
  • Math/ Space and Time (April);
  • Overview/ Assessment Terms & Practical Application (May).

Support Services:  Bethel Child Care provides support which allows each provider to focus on their child care program. We’ll help support your program development and enhancements and we’ll handle the administrative functions. We offer:

  • Full lending library with curriculum kits
  • Bi-monthly subsidized child care reimbursements
  • Small business and tax consultation services
  • Reimbursements for Professional Development (including Child Development Associate (CDA), National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC), and other Associate Degree Programs.
  • Transportation Services